Limited Scope Retainers: You're Doing Them Anyways, Now Do Them Right (Archived Video Stream)

Nov. 26, 2013
Toronto Online

Limited Scope Retainers:
You're Doing Them Anyways, Now Do Them Right
Sole, Small Firm and General Practice | Original Program Date: November 26, 2013

Limited scope retainers are hyped as a way to generate new business and improve access to justice. Rarely noticed is that most lawyers are already doing them. However, when lawyers narrow the scope of their retainer – especially informally and by excluding ordinary tasks like appearing in court for a client or confirming clear title in a real estate transaction – the risks for both the client and the lawyer go up.

Experienced counsel will equip you with an Unbundled Legal Services Toolkit, including a sample Limited Scope Retainer Agreement and other client-facing documents. Learn how to comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct and avoid the risk of negligence claims. Plus, hear directly from a Justice of the Superior Court on how courts grapple with lawyers and clients in non-traditional arrangements.

Whether you want to grow your practice, promote access to justice, avoid professional misconduct and negligence claims, or simply better serve clients who are asking for slices of service rather than the whole pie, this program will provide you with the information and practical tips you need.


Benjamin Arkin, Whaley Estate Litigation


The Honourable George Czutrin, Ontario Superior Court of Justice
Victoria A. Starr, Starr Family Law
R. Lee Akazaki, C.S., Gilbertson Davis Emerson LLP
Dan Pinnington, LawPRO


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