The CBA is committed to providing relevant professional development programming accessible to members of the profession across Canada.

From in-person conferences to online webinars, we have the programs you need, delivered exactly when and how you need them. With the arrival of compulsory professional development in many Canadian jurisdictions, it is more important than ever to have easy access to convenient, cost-effective options which address topics relevant to your areas of practice and interest.

The CBA’s new one-stop PD resource site also contains unique features to help manage your credits and remain at the forefront of the changing legal education landscape.

Experience the CBA ADVANTAGE:

Convenience: Whether you are looking for an in-person conference to network with peers or a short online webinar to enjoy at your convenience in your office, a lunchtime seminar in your community or a multi-day seminar in a new city, the CBA has the program for you- when, where and how it suits you best. The new PD website combines listings for all CBA Branch, National, and CCCA events in one convenient location, eliminating the need to search through multiple sites. You may also choose to receive tailored information and updates through the creation of a customized profile.

Browse, Search, and Track Your Credits: Here you can browse all CBA (Branch, CCCA and National) listings, in one convenient website. Search criteria include: date, location, keyword, subject, delivery format and even hours of accreditation. Keeping track of and reporting the courses you’ve taken, hours accumulated and credits still required just got a lot simpler with the CBA’s Tracking Tool (see Tracking Tool tab). This innovative feature allows you to easily track all of your PD participation. Simply print off your personalized report for easy reference at reporting time.

Accredited programs: CBA PD programs qualify for compulsory professional development credits and can help you reach your targets quickly and simply. Program accreditation information is conveniently listed online for each offering, allowing you to easily select the programs that best meet your PD needs.

Canadian Bar Association PD:
Providing you with quality legal education when, where, and how it suits you best.