How do the various search criteria help to refine my search results?

For the most customized results, we suggest that you refine your search using the various criteria provided by the main program search:

  • Subject: narrows your search to one or more predefined subjects. Use CTRL+click to select multiple subjects.
  • From: and To: narrows your search to a specific date range.
  • Format: narrows your search to in-person programs, online programs or both.
  • Keyword: searches the program description for a specific phrase or keyword. Use double quotes (" ") to search for a specific phrase.
  • Location: narrows your search to a specific city and/or province. Lists only cities where upcoming professional development programs are currently available.
  • Accreditation: use the slider to narrow your search to only those programs that have been accredited by any law society for the specified number of hours.
Then, choose one of three display options to view your search results: Map, Calendar or Listing.

Why should I specify my PD preferences and "Login to personalize this page"?

This site includes features that are only available if you login to retrieve the information in your CBA profile. The first time you log in to the site, you will be asked to specify your PD preferences. This information will be stored in your profile, and will be used to automatically serve up Featured Programs and Publications tailored to you.

By logging in to the site, you’re able to access a whole host of value-added features, including the tracking tool (CBA members only) personalized program/publications promotion, papers, discussion forums, and a list of programs for which you’ve already registered.

Are the CBA’s PD programs accredited by my law society?

Each law society evaluates our programs on a case-by-case basis. Please see individual event listings for information on accreditation in your province.

How many PD credits do I need each year?

PD requirements are determined by each law society. Please contact your law society for more information.

What is the tracking tool?

Available exclusively to CBA members, the tracking tool allows members to track progress towards mandatory or personal PD goals.

Does the CBA offer live programs and conferences in my province?

Live CBA events are held across the country. To find programs offered in your area, you can consult the "My Province/Territory" section, or search by geographic location with our search tool.

What if I just want to see all programs, or all programs available in my province/territory?

While it’s easy to refine your search, you can view all upcoming programs from the main “Search Programs” page by leaving all default search criteria in Step 1, then selecting the List display option in Step 2.

To see all upcoming programs in your jurisdiction, simply select "My Province/Territory" from the main navigation.

I missed the live presentation of an online PD program. Can I buy a recording of the presentation?

If I am a member of the bar in two provinces, can I still use the tracking tool?

Yes, you can use the tracking tool. By default, the tool will calculate your hours based on the province of your preferred mailing address on file with the CBA. To change your preferred mailing address, please update your profile. If you would like additional information regarding accreditation information for your second province of call, please contact us.

I am not a member of the CBA. Can I still register for a conference or online program?

Many of our programs are available to non-members. Please see individual program listings for non-member rates.

Our firm wants to register a group for an online program. Is there a group rate?

For some programs, we do offer discounted rates for groups. Please contact us for more information.