Crisis Management Toolkit for In-House Counsel: Navigating Your Organization’s Worst Days 

Mar. 9 - May 17, 2022

What you most dread and fear has happened. Your organization is on the front page of the paper (or going viral on Twitter) – and not for a good reason. What do you do?

More often than not, in-house counsel are forced to learn how to manage a crisis while in the middle of one. When decisions are rushed, errors are likely and reputations may suffer. Although you cannot anticipate every issue, advanced planning paired with robust strategies can minimize potential damage. 

The team at Henein Hutchison LLP have helped manage some of the most high-profile (and often highly controversial) matters over the last decade. Based on these experiences, they have developed this three-part series with the CCCA to delve into the various aspects of crisis management, featuring some of Canada’s top experts in the field. 


Part 1 – Emergency Response: What to Do Immediately in a Crisis
March 9, 2022: 12 pm – 1pm (ET)

What a company does in the first few hours and days of a crisis can dictate how the story will eventually unfold. Marie Henein and Karen Gordon have made a career out of helping organizations in both high-profile cases and those that could have been high profile. Hear their expert insights and recommendations as they walk you through the process and strategy to manage the initial aspects of a crisis. 



Part 2 – Fearless Fact Finding: Internal Investigations
April 27, 2022: 12 pm – 1pm (ET)

Whether you’re addressing a workplace harassment claim or an environmental disaster, investigations must be prompt, thorough and expertly managed. Scott Hutchison and Danielle Robitaille have assisted hundreds of clients through some of the most complex and sensitive investigations. This session will walk you through the crafting of the mandate, interim reporting requirements and the internal/external handling of the report.


Part 3 – Prep and Poise: Trial and Hearing Management
May 17, 2022: 12 pm – 1pm (ET)

Even if you have managed the crisis seamlessly, there is always the potential for matters to find themselves in court. Except for those who were litigators prior to going in-house, many in-house counsel have little to no experience once the matter moves towards the courtroom steps. Join Alex Smith, Ewa Krajewska and Jenny Brevorka as they guide you through communicating expectations and priorities for witnesses, how you can support the outside litigation team and managing the media/ external perception.



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