Workplace Investigations – Navigating an Investigative Minefield 

Nov. 17, 2022

Reports of harassment in the workplace and workplace investigations are increasingly more common. Allegations of gender bias, racism, abuse of authority, sexual harassment, bullying, lateral violence, conflicts of interest and corruption are now frequent. Since the pandemic hit, the workforce has been more prone to using formal mechanisms to navigate such conflicts, which means organizations are relying more heavily on their legal counsel and external investigators to conduct independent and unbiased investigations. 


These investigations are mined with issues, such as properly implementing formal mechanisms where informal mechanisms were once sufficient, navigating potentially vexatious complaints and whistleblower complaints of management misconduct, working with uncooperative witnesses, handling concerns for reprisals, using audio or transcripts in reporting, and managing expectations of respondents.

 Our speakers from MNP will discuss real-life engagements they have undertaken, how they have navigated these sensitive issues and what lessons they have learned from contentious or political investigations. They will also explain appropriate investigative protocols to ensure an accurate reflection of issues, and suggest policies to mitigate risk and improve operations.


Lisa Majeau GordonLisa Majeau Gordon, National Leader, Forensics and Litigation Support, MNP

Michael McCormackMichael McCormack, Investigative and Forensic Services, MNP


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    Time: 1200-1300 ET


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