Protect Your Tech 2: Cyber Resilience for Lawyers and Law Firms [On-Demand Video] 

Jun. 8, 2020

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Protect Your Tech 2:
Cyber Resilience for Lawyers and Law Firms


As technology is integrated more and more into the workplace, instances of fraud, identity theft, extortion and defamation are issues for not only clients but law firms and lawyers alike.  Many believe they are already protected by existing insurance coverage but in most instances, this is not the case.  Beyond your firewalls, are you currently doing anything to mitigate the risk?

While this program aligns with Protect Your Tech 1 by providing the insurer's perspective on responding to and preventing cyber attacks, it can be viewed as a stand-alone program.  It will focus on:

  • What is cyber insurance?
  • Recommendations for lawyers vs. law firms.
  • Tips on liabilities and privilege when using different technology.
  • What not to do when facing a breach - an insurer's perspective.





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