Building Trust in a Virtual Environment: Winning with your Webpage [On-Demand] 

Jun. 15, 2021

Building Trust in a Virtual Environment: Winning with your Webpage

Communicating well with clients has always been critical, but now that the world has gone virtual, there are new considerations. Today more than ever, your online presence matters. And nowhere do you have more control over how you and your practice will be perceived than on the homepage of your website. When someone arrives there will it help establish trust, convey who you are, and make clear how you can help them?  Or will it confirm their doubts and have them reaching for the back button? This session will give you the tools to put your homepage on trial and discover:

  • How to evaluate your current homepage or plan a new one
  • The key ingredients for a homepage that builds trust
  • The 3 types and 4 phases of a homepage, and which are right for your practice
  • Frameworks to get crystal clear on the messaging you can use for your homepage, your social media channels, and even in how you network and speak about your practice


Jeremy Parkin, Manager, Data Analytics & Media Intelligence, Agility PR


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    On-demand Video (1 hour)

    CBA members: $50
    Non-members: $105
    Plus applicable taxes

    This program is part of the Ultimate Digital Futures Series.  You can purchase all 8 videos at a package rate.