(audio Recording) COVID-19 Pandemic in the Workplace: From Layoffs to the Right to Refuse 

Apr. 17, 2020
Fredericton Online

Audio Recording

Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada Brian Dickson summarized work as being “one of the most fundamental aspects in a person’s life”. But what happens when a pandemic disrupts the workplace in a way few would have anticipated?

Inevitably, the emergence of COVID-19 has brought on numerous legal questions from employers and employees in New Brunswick.

In this session, the speakers will discuss the impact of COVID 19 and what that means in the context of terminations, lay-offs, the right to refuse work and with respect to human rights considerations in the workplace. In addition, the speakers will offer a summary of the programs put in place by the Federal Government to alleviate the impact of the pandemic for employers and employees.

Dominic Caron
Pink Larkin, Fredericton

Sylvie Michaud, Q.C.
Forbes Roth Basque, Moncton

Timothy R. Bell
Forbes Roth Basque, Moncton


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    Ginette Little
    PD Program Coordinator