Demystifying Hospital Privileges Disputes:Practice Management Tips (Archived Video Stream) 

Nov. 18, 2015
Toronto Online

Demystifying Hospital Privileges Disputes: Practice Management Tips
Health Law | Original Program Date: November 18, 2015

Hear from both defense and plaintiff counsel on the best practices for dealing with privilege issues between regulated health professionals and hospitals.  From physicians that "just don't fit in", to the impact of mandatory reporting, to creative approaches for defense and hospital counsel to work together, highly experienced health law practitioners will provide practical advice from both sides of the dispute including:

  • The involvement of defence counsel
    • When and how should defence counsel become visibly involved?
    • How can counsel be most effective at the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) and the Board?
  • How can hospital and defence counsel work together to avoid an alteration of privileges, a MAC hearing, or Board hearing?
    • What kinds of creative solutions are available?
    • In what circumstances do these solutions make sense?
  • “Disruptive” behaviour and personality issues
    • Can behavioural issues bleed into competency and patient care concerns?
    • How do hospitals approach purely behavioural issues?
    • How are these issues best addressed by the defence?
  • How do the recent changes to the mandatory reporting requirements under the Public Hospitals Act  complicate the management of privileges cases?


Neil Abramson, Torkin Manes LLP
Paula Trattner, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
Michelle Moldofsky, Barrister and Solicitor


Alexa Turner, Torkin Manes LLP
Nadia Marotta, Lerners LLP


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