Social Media, Branding, and Business Development for Law Firms 

Sep. 1, 2017 - Aug. 31, 2019
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OBA CPD Select Curated Informtion for the Busy Lawyer

OBA CPD Select

Learn how to develop a social media strategy for yourself and your firm. Our experts will walk you through various social media platforms including LinkedIn and Twitter to help you expand your network and boost your visibility in the profession. Gain practical tips on brand management, content marketing, and business development strategies to grow your firm.

Chapter 1 – Social Media 101

1.1 Top Platforms and the Basics You Need to Know
1.2 Why Should You Use Social Media?

Chapter 2 – Beyond the Basics of Social Media

2.1 Benefits, Risks, and Limits of Social Media
2.2 Measuring Results of Social Media
2.3 Maximizing the Value of Your Profile and Content Exposure on LinkedIn
2.4 Twitter Best Practices

Chapter 3 – Brand Management

3.1 Developing an Effective Content Strategy

Chapter 4 – Business Development

4.1 How to Be a Rainmaker

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Program Cost


CBA Member: $99*
Non-Member: $199*

*plus applicable taxes

OBA CPD Select | Take advantage of our customized suites of CPD programs and publications, and learn at your own pace by selecting targeted sessions that you want and need most. Our experts have curated specialized content to guide you in your practice, and enhance your skillset to meet the demands of the evolving legal profession - join in and select the content you want, when you need it!


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