What You Need to Know About Assignments of New Home Agreements of Purchase and Sale (Archived Video Stream) 

Apr. 25, 2018
Toronto Online

OBA Real Property LAW PROGRAM | Original Program Date: April 25, 2018

As a real estate practitioner, you need to be aware of the unique legal and practical considerations at play when you are asked to deal with an assignment of an Agreement of Purchase and Sale for a new home.  Attend this interactive program for a case study on such assignments and a deeper dive into practical considerations, such as:

  • Reviewing a builder’s standard form assignment agreement
  • Practical issues with the OREA standard form
  • How to improve your form of assignment agreement
  • What happens when the vendor does not consent?
  • The price being payed by the assignee: what should it include?
  • Issues surrounding any funds in excess of the original purchase price
  • HST issues on assignments of new home transactions

Our speakers will walk you through a case study, with sample assignment agreements, point out practical considerations and relevant case law, and raise discussion around practical approaches to take.  Also, you will walk away with useful precedents to use in future.  Register now to be a part of this useful, practical discussion!


Odysseas Papadimitriou, Harris, Sheaffer LLP
Maurizio Romanin, LawyerDoneDeal Corp.


For 1 to 3 Participants CBA Member: $50*
Non-Member: $80*
For 4 or more Participants CBA Member: $75*
Non-Member: $145*

*plus applicable taxes


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