Limited Scope Family Legal Services – Where the Rubber Hits the Road - Webinar Presentation (Family Law Limited Scope Services Project [FLLSS Project] / OBA Supporting Partner)  

Jan. 29, 2019
Toronto Online


In over half of the family cases in Canada’s courts, one or both parties appear without a lawyer.  Inability to afford full legal representation is the most significant factor, but other reasons include the rise of “do it yourself” social attitudes, the increasing availability of self-help information and a perception among some self-represented litigants that having a lawyer does not necessarily get them better results.

The Family Law Limited Scope Services Project (FLLSS Project) aims to improve access to family justice for middle and lower income Ontarians by increasing the use of limited scope services, also known as “unbundled” legal services, in family law.  These services provide an affordable option between full representation and no representation at all, where the lawyer only takes on specific responsibilities agreed to between the lawyer and the client.

Ontarians can now go to to obtain information on unbundled family law services and to access a roster of trained lawyers who are willing and able to provide such services. This pre-recorded webinar program “Limited Scope Family Legal Services – Where the Rubber Hits the Road” provides lawyers with the essential training, resources and best practices they require in order to provide limited scope services to family law clients as part of Ontario’s FLLSS Project.

The requirements to join the FLLSS Lawyer Directory are as follows:

1.  An historical practice percentage of at least 33% family law in the lawyer’s three most recent consecutive years (at minimum), and 33% family law in the lawyer’s current practice at the time of the application;

2.  The lawyer must complete the FLLSS training provided by the Project before submitting your application to join the roster.  Viewing of this webinar qualifies as completion of the mandatory training provided that a minimum of two participants are physically present for the duration of the webinar.

Upon meeting the requirements as set out above, lawyers are invited to submit an application to the online Lawyer Directory using the following link:

  • Your name will be shared with the FLLSSP program administrator as confirmation of registration.


Tami Moscoe, Senior Family Counsel, Office of the Chief Justice, Superior Court of Justice


To view the full program agenda, please click here.

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