Enhance Your Wellbeing: Fortify Your Reserves and Recharge During These Uncertain Times
Part I: Peer Support Panel (Archived Video Stream)

May 6, 2020

OBA Mindful Lawyer Series PROGRAM | Original Program Date: May 6, 2020

Feeling overwhelmed?  Finding it hard to leave work “at work” when your physical space is not changing and each day bleeds seamlessly into the next?

If you are struggling with managing your time between the demands of your dependants and your work; or if you are completely isolated and find it difficult to genuinely connect with others and your to-do list keeps getting longer; or if you have little to no work to occupy your time and you are increasingly consumed with anxiety and concern over the future of your professional life and the health and wellbeing of your inner circle of family and friends.  You are not alone.

Many lawyers are facing similar challenges. With so many unknowns, this time can be quite unsettling.  However, the good news is that lawyers are resilient individuals – and we are a community. By working on key coping mechanisms, as well as finding the right supports to help replenish our resources and find calm in this stressful time, we can help each other to enhance our wellbeing.  

Join us for a two part series which will explore:

  • Mental health and wellness best practices – how to best adapt to change, uncertainty and foster resilience in your life
  • Strategies on how to manage your stress during this time and balance competing priorities for time and space
  • If you are facing a decreased work load or the loss of work, find ways to help you stay focused and not lose the part of your identity tied to your work
  • Important considerations around modifying your exercise routines and eating habits
  • Coping mechanisms to handle fatigue from computer screens and virtual meeting overload
  • How to strike harmony with competing interests from work, family and your own recharge time
  • Specific strategies on how to work through common stress factors during this time
  • Gaining perspective and looking to the future


Mike Anderson, Inter Alia Law
Sara Robertson, Lime Horse
Malini Vijaykumar, Nelligan Law


Cost CBA Member: Complimentary
Non-Member: $50*

*plus applicable taxes


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