Elder Care Support: Key Strategies for the Lawyer-Caregiver (Archived Video Stream) 

Jul. 9, 2020

OBA Women Lawyers Forum PROGRAM | Original Program Date: July 9, 2020

The OBA is committed to serving the whole lawyer from their desk to their doorstep - including lawyers who are primary caregivers for elderly relatives or individuals in their lives. During this unprecedented time, balancing responsibilities have become even more difficult to manage.

If you are providing unpaid care to an older adult either at home or in a facility, who is under disability, is vulnerable or dependant, chronic, this wellness program will provide you with tips on how to take care of yourself amid your many responsibilities and help you find a community of peers who know what you’re going through. This program is focused on your needs so you can do a better job of taking care of your loved one.

Join Consulting Occupational Therapist, Nira Rittenberg (www.nirarittenberg.com), for a discussion on working through daily challenges related to elder care. Nira will provide us with key supports and strategies to tackle the sensitive and difficult issues that arise when caring for an elderly person and which have become even more difficult in the last few months.

This session is brought to you by the OBA’s Parent and Caregiver Network, an initiative of the OBA’s Women Lawyers Forum aimed at bringing together lawyers from all practice areas, interests, locations, and experience to share wellness supports and bring practice management resources to lawyers who are parents of children of any age or have responsibility for the care of an older adult, family or otherwise. The OBA Parent and Caregiver Network provides a community of lawyers who understand the challenges you're facing and helps you connect with one another for support and friendship.


Rachel Sachs, Sachs Law


Nira Rittenberg, BSc(OT), OTReg (Ont), Consulting Occupational Therapist


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