Strengthen Your Mental Fitness: Enhance Performance and Recovery (Archived Video Stream) 

Apr. 8, 2021

OBA Mindful Lawyer CPD Series PROGRAM | Original Program Date: April 8, 2021

If mental health and wellness is high on your priority list, you may have attended countless time management seminars, downloaded nutrition or fitness apps, and you may have even started a consistent meditation or yoga practice.  So why do you feel like you are still not performing at your best and not in-control of your mind, energy and time?   Join Dr. Perpetua Neo, a psychologist and leadership coach, for an interactive session to help you chart out your wellness resource map for 2021 and beyond, and learn:

  • Why mastery and mental fitness are non-negotiable for success, rather than ‘coping with stress’ and burning out over and over again.
  • How to choose the activities that fit you.
  • How to have more productive working hours, because everybody wins this way.
  • How to get back on track if you feel you’ve wasted the day.
  • Making perfectionism and procrastination work for you.

Learn how to integrate these skills into an effective action plan.  You will leave this session ready to spring into action.


Dr. Perpetua Neo, The Psychologist & Leadership Coach For Impatient Perfectionists Demanding Deep & Lasting Transformations


CBA Member: Complimentary | Non-Member: $52*

*plus applicable taxes


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