Managing Stress, Burnout, and the Uncertainty brought about by a Global Pandemic (Archived Video Stream) 

Feb. 16, 2022

OBA Mindful Lawyer CPD Series PROGRAM | Original Program Date: February 16, 2022

Burnout was a concern in the legal profession long before the emergence of COVID-19, but the pandemic has exacerbated this problem for lawyers and increased awareness of the importance of self-care and healthy work environments.  What was thought to be a brief, 2-week pause in 2020 has stretched into 2 years of stress and uncertainty for many, with accompanying work-related changes, hassles, and crises.  In addition, while most people are eager to return to in-person activities, many lawyers also report the transition away from remote work and social distancing has been stressful.

Dr. Cipriano will address burnout, stress, and uncertainty, how they impact your health and well-being, and what you can do to manage each so you can remain healthy, focused, and productive.  

About the Speaker:  Traci Cipriano, JD, PhD is a psychologist and formerly practicing attorney who taps into her legal culture experience and knowledge of psychological science to promote well-being and healthy work environments in the legal profession.  She is an assistant clinical professor in the Yale Department of Psychiatry.  Currently, she is working on a new book addressing well-being in the legal community.  She can be reached at:


Traci Cipriano, JD, PhD


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