Career Turns: Successful Paths to Public Interest Work (Archived Video Stream) 

Nov. 4, 2022

OBA Young Lawyers Division &  Constitutional, Civil Liberties and Human Rights Law PROGRAM | Original Program Date: November 4, 2022

Your law degree can be the foundation for a career that can take in different directions. Where can these paths take you and where can you end up?  How can you set yourself up for success along the way?
Join our faculty as they discuss their unique experiences working on public interest matters. Hear insights from experienced lawyers about what public interest litigation means, how and why they first became involved in public interest work, what set them up for success and how it has helped them develop professionally.  
Whether you are interested in public interest work through government, NGOs, or as part of a larger practice, don’t miss this opportunity to hear about the different ways in which lawyers have incorporated public interest work as part of their professional lives and practical advice on how to build a foundation early in your careers.


Myra Sivaloganathan, Department of Justice
Gurteg Singh, Ethical Associates Inc.


Kat Owens, Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund
Justin Safayeni, Stockwoods LLP
David Tortell, Constitutional Law Branch, Ministry of the Attorney General 


For 1 to 3 Participants CBA Member: $50*
Non-Member: $80*
For 4 or more Participants CBA Member: $75*
Non-Member: $145*

*plus applicable taxes


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