Aboriginal Law Section-South Webinar 

Jun. 26, 2020
Calgary Online

Notice of Meeting - Aboriginal Law Section (South) Via Zoom

Friday, June 26, 2020 @ 12:00 Noon Sharp


Sean Maher,
CER Technical Leader, Socio-Economics and Public Participation
Gary Perkins,
Legal Counsel, AUC

"Consultation and Engagement"
"The Canada Energy Regulator and the Alberta Utilities Commission"

The CER’s Approach to Early Engagement

Conducting project reviews that build on early engagement and inclusive participation, advance reconciliation with the Indigenous peoples of Canada, and ensure timely and transparent processes lie at the centre of the CER’s mission and mandate. The role of engagement – and how dialogue supports these outcomes – is of particular relevance to meeting these objectives.  This presentation will briefly highlight:

  • The CER’s requirements of companies for early engagement
  • How the CER undertakes its early engagement activities with the public and Indigenous peoples
  • Explore how this supports the CER’s regulatory review processes and Crown consultation responsibilities, and
  • Touch on the context of reconciliation with the Indigenous Peoples of Canada.

The AUC’s Indigenous Consultation Framework

The AUC has authority to consider and address potential adverse impacts to Aboriginal and treaty rights, as provided in Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982, when deciding whether approval of a utility project is in the public interest. The AUC is developing an Indigenous Consultation Framework and is considering changes to its application requirements to ensure that Indigenous groups are consulted about proposed development that may affect their interests. This presentation will briefly highlight:

  • The AUC’s role in consultation with rights-bearing communities,
  • The AUC’s initiative to develop an Indigenous Consultation Framework: public engagement and the status of the framework, and
  • The AUC’s application review process and public participation opportunities.

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