Aboriginal Law Section-South Webinar 

Sep. 18, 2020
Calgary Online

Notice of Meeting - Aboriginal Law Section (South) Webinar

Friday, September 18, 2020 @ 12:00 Noon Sharp

Professor Robert Hamilton
U of C Faculty of Law

"Coldwater First Nation v Canada and Coastal Gaslink Pipeline Inc. v Hudson: Two Cases and the Future of Aboriginal Law"

Pipeline developments continue to trouble Crown-Indigenous relations and give rise to frequent litigation. Of the many recent cases, two - Coldwater First Nation v Canada and Coastal Gaslink Pipeline Inc. v Hudson – are of particular importance. In addition to the fraught political context of the cases, the decisions deal with legal issues that will play a crucial role in shaping Aboriginal rights doctrine in the years to come and determining how effectively that doctrine will be able to mediate Crown-Indigenous relations. This presentation will discuss these two cases and what they may portend for the development of the law.  

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