Wills & Trusts-South Video 

Feb. 11, 2020
Calgary Online

Wills & Trusts  Section (South) Video and Materials

February 11, 2020 

Speakers: Kim Moody, CEO / Director, Moodys Gartner Tax Law LLP 

Topic: This fast-paced session will give you short / intense bursts of updates in charitable giving, pour-over trust planning and basic US tax considerations that estate and trust lawyers need to be aware of.  Some of the topics that Kim will speak about will include:

  • What’s new in charitable giving that estate and trust lawyers need to be aware of?
  • A review of some basic statistics as it relates to Canadians’ philanthropic objectives (how many Canadians engage in philanthropic planning?  Why are Canadians motivated to give? Why will Canadians give in the future, etc.?)
  • A quick review of the Quinn Estate case and the fallout that can occur with similar planning;
  • An update on the efforts being made to propose changes to the law surrounding pour-over planning / issues;
  • Who is a US citizen and why should you care?
  • If you’re dealing with a US citizen who is resident in Canada, what are some of the required considerations?

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