Natural Resources-South 

Feb. 13, 2019
Calgary AB

Notice of Meeting - Natural Resources Law Section (South)  

February 13, 2019 @ 12:00 Noon 

Petroleum Club
319 - 5 Ave SW
Calgary AB


Matt Davis, Director Strategic Planning - ATCO Power Canada Ltd
Mark Nesbitt, Manager, Regulatory - ATCO Power Canada Ltd

"Alberta Capacity Markets - Moving from an Energy Only Market to a Capacity Market

Alberta's "energy only" market will shift into a Capacity Market pursuant to An Act to Secure Alberta's Elctricity Future which was passed in June 2018. In the current energy only market electricity prices are based on supply and demand and generators are paid for the electricity they generate and sell to the market. In a capacity market, private power generators are paid through a mix of competitively auctioned contracts which pay their fixed capital costs and revenue from the spot market with the intent of allowing generators, along with investors from outside the province, to compete to provide generation at the lowest cost.

The Alberta Government has stated that it intends the capacity market to be operational in 2021 with the intention of such transition to accomplish the following:

  • protect consumers from volatile price swings
  • ensure Albertans continue to have a stable, reliable electricity supply
  • provide the price stability and revenue certainty needed to attract private investment
  • support Alberta’s transition from coal generation to renewable energy

The Alberta Government predicts that it will need up to an estimated $25 billion of new investment in electricity generation by 2030 to "support the transition toward cleaner sources of energy and meet the electricity needs of a growing province".

Matt Davis and Mark Nesbitt have spearheaded the discussions and consultations with the AESO on behalf of ATCO Power Canada Ltd. with respect to the transition and will be providing an overview of the changes to come, the AUC process, and their insights on what this shift means for the Alberta market.

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