SOGIC Section Social 

Aug. 4, 2019
Vancouver BC

Veuillez notez, cet événement ne sera disponible qu'en anglais.

Vancouver Pride Parade
This meeting is being hosted by the SOGIC Section.

Time: Sunday, August 4, 2019 - 11:15pm - 4:00pm (Pacific Time)
Location: Vancouver's West End | Meeting Location: TBA
Meal Cost: N/A
CPD Hours: Please note that due to LSBC guidelines, this event does not qualify for CPD.

The CBABC is proud to announce it will be marching in the Vancouver Pride Parade again this year. We are extending an invitation to SOGIC and CBABC members to march along with us!

This is a great opportunity to increase the visibility of LGBTQ2SI lawyers and for members to come out and show support for the community. 

We will provide CBABC “Lawyers with Pride” t-shirts for all marchers.  We also have a banner, handouts, and a few fabulous signs.  Allies are welcome and registration is now open to guests of CBABC members.

We only have 45 spaces available, so please register to reserve your spot as a marcher!  A waitlist will be created if demand exceeds the available spots.

Accessibility & Inclusiveness
The CBABC provides access to Section activities for all members. The facilities for this meeting may be wheelchair accessible. For information about accessible parking or to communicate your request for other accommodation you require, please contact CBABC Sections at

We also welcome your suggestions for enhancing the inclusiveness of our activities.

Sections host webinars from Internet-capable venues where significant interest has been expressed by Section members in attending remotely. This Section meeting will be offered as a teleconference or webinar depending on the resources and technology available at the venue. 

Webinar or teleconference instructions will be sent to your email that we have on file one day prior to this meeting date. These instructions will indicate when you should log in, as the meeting may start a little later than expected, as members and speaker(s) may be setling in, or if there is a lunch/dinner component.

If you have not received instructions by days end one day prior, please email

Please ensure to sign-in at the meeting; failure to sign-in will result in de-registration. CBABC requires this as a record to confirm your attendance for this meeting for your CPD reporting (if applicable).


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