Women Lawyers Forum Section Meeting | ONLINE ONLY 

May 8, 2020
Vancouver Online

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ONLINE MEETING: Practicing Law During COVID-19: Navigating Challenges and Creating Opportunities
This meeting is being hosted by the Women Lawyers Forum Section.

Speaker(s): Linda Parsons, Legal Coach
Allison Wolf, Legal Coach
Paula Price, Legal Coach
Time: Friday, May 8, 2020 at 12:00pm - 1:00pm (PT)
CPD Hours: 1.0 hour

What effect has COVID-19 had on your practice? Are you jumping from Zoom call to Zoom call, putting out fires for your clients in every possible time zone? Or, are you drifting from LinkedIn to Netflix as your email count follows the price of oil? Maybe you’re struggling to homeschool your kids and eke out billable hours at the kitchen table while your partner fields calls to keep their business afloat. Or maybe you’re at home completely alone with nobody to turn to and you’ve completely lost sight of any sort of routine. 

The fact is, we’re all in this together; but, we each face our own version of isolation. 

The CBABC WLF wants to help its members, especially now when they need it most! We’re pleased to offer a virtual coaching program that will include a variety of formats, from larger webinars to smaller, group-based learning. The details will be shared in the weeks to come.

The program will launch with this one-hour panel presentation led by Linda Parsons, Allison Wolf and Paula Price, three leading lawyer coaches who will share practical approaches and strategies for navigating challenges and creating opportunities in your practice during these uncertain times. 

In this introductory webinar presentation, our panelists will focus their comments on three areas:

1. Managing your working life during the pandemic - practical approaches to increase productivity from your home base and set boundaries between work and home;
2. Managing yourself during the pandemic - the positives and the negatives of isolation – whether on your own, with a significant other, or with family; and
3. Managing your practice – connecting with and supporting clients; managing relationships with colleagues and opposing counsel and more!

Attendees will leave the webinar with a list of practical tips to implement in their daily practice and an expanded sense of their own personal strategy for navigating the current challenges.  

Attendees will also be asked for their specific input on which topics they would like to see covered in future webinars and the smaller group coaching sessions that will follow after this webinar. The design of the programming will be based on your input, so please join us and tell us where you need the most help!

Speaker Bios

Paula Price is a lawyer and certified executive coach. Paula formerly practiced in litigation at a national firm and has first hand experience in a busy practice. She also has experience working from home during the pandemic with two school-aged children, a husband and a much-neglected "home school" curriculum, all under one roof. In Paula's coaching practice, she works with lawyers and other professionals, helping them sort through layers of competing aspirations to identify priorities and take results-focused action. She's also keen about using technology to connect people and ideas, and strongly believes that social distancing doesn't need to mean social disconnection. 

Linda Parsons, QC is a lawyer and certified executive coach.  Linda practiced as a corporate commercial lawyer in a national firm for over 25 years and built 3 discreet practices in:  corporate/commercial real estate; health law and infrastructure.  Following her certification as an executive coach at Columbia Business School, she built a broad coaching and consulting practice devoted to supporting positive change and informed choices by lawyers and other professionals.  Her practice extends to:  leadership and performance coaching, transition coaching, new parent coaching and business development coaching. During the pandemic, Linda has been very engaged in working with clients to meet the challenges of this time, as well as identify the opportunities and positive outcomes that this unusual chapter offers each of us.

Allison Wolf, PCC, is a senior coach working exclusively with lawyers. Over the past sixteen years, she has helped countless clients develop thriving legal practices and before that served as director of legal marketing for award-winning law firms. During the present crisis, Allison is intensely focused on supporting her clients and community in accessing resilience and surfacing the possibilities that emerge from these difficult circumstances. She is the founder of the resource website http://lawyerwithalife.com and is regularly posting articles and videos to support this effort. True to the philosophies of her coaching practice, Allison has created success without sacrificing her personal life. She remembers: “As a young woman I once visited Galiano Island in British Columbia. I looked out across the water towards the shores of Salt Spring Island and thought one day I’d like to live there.” Today she lives and works from her home on Salt Spring Island just a short stroll from the shoreline she gazed at so many years ago. Allison is grateful for her island life, particularly during this pandemic. There is nothing she enjoys more than a quiet walk by the water with her wife Donna and beloved rescue dog Chico.

Sections will solely be hosting webinar/teleconference meetings until further notice. If you need assistance with the logistics of logging in to our meetings, please contact sections@cbabc.org.

Webinar or teleconference instructions will be sent to your email that we have on file one day prior to this meeting date. These instructions will indicate when you should log in, as the meeting may start a little later than expected, as members and speaker(s) may be setling in, or if there is a lunch/dinner component.

If you have not received instructions by days end one day prior, please email sections@cbabc.org.

Please ensure to sign-in with your full name at the meeting will result in de-registration. CBABC requires this as a record to confirm your attendance for this meeting for your CPD reporting (if applicable).


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