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Mar. 20, 2023

Veuillez notez, cet événement ne sera disponible qu'en anglais.

ONLINE MEETING: What's New in Drug Policy in BC?
This meeting is being hosted by the Social Justice Section.

Speakers: Caitlin Shane, Lawyer, Pivot Legal Society
Sarah Runyon, Criminal Defence Lawyer, Marion and Runyon Company 
Kali Sedgemore, Peer Worker, ARYS, VCH, and PHS
Time: Monday, March 20, 2023, 5:15pm - 6:30pm (PT)
CPD Hours: 1.00 hour

What has changed in drug policy in the past two years? Are drugs decriminalized in BC? In this panel, we will discuss what has/has not changed in law. We will hear from Sarah Runyon of Marion and Runyan Company and Kali Sedgemore of ARYS, VCH, and PHS on whether changes to law and policy has had any impact in the day to day of criminal law practice and for people who are criminalized for using drugs. We will also hear from Caitlin Shane with Pivot Legal on what law reform is still needed for more compassionate and effective drug policy. 

Territorial Acknowledgement
This event will be broadcast from the traditional and unceded territory of the Coast Salish peoples, including Tsleil-Waututh, Squamish and Musqueam First Nations. We encourage members to explore the rich history and knowledge of Indigenous people, and to continue learning about their experience in Canada past and present.

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