No Safety in Precedents: Wrestling with Volatility - How General Counsel are Adapting to a VUCA World 

Apr. 5, 2019
Winnipeg MB


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DATE:   Friday, April 5, 2019
TIME:   11:45am – 1:15pm
LOCATION:  Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP, True North Square, 17th Floor - 242 Hargrave Street, Winnipeg
TOPIC: No Safety in Precedents: Wrestling with Volatility - How General Counsel are Adapting to a VUCA World
Eric Staal, Director of Business Development, Lex Mundi (London, England)
David Saunders, Senior Business Development Manager, Lex Mundi (Glasgow, Scotland)
Gordon Vala-Webb, Senior Advisor, Technology and Innovation, Lex Mundi (Toronto)

The speakers will be presenting via a Live and Interactive Webinar taking place at Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP. The tectonic plates of the global political-economic order are undeniably shifting with no region spared the tremors and aftershocks. Business leaders are by now getting accustomed to operating in an environment characterized by a backlash against globalization and a heavier hand of regulatory activism. Meanwhile, technological advances are opening an era of creative destruction in which alluring new frontiers are adding to the stress on existing operating models.

The acronym most used to describe the above conditions is VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous). The core vulnerability for many business leaders is that of anticipating events in their blind spots and preparing for the next occurrence that has extreme impact. More than ever, organizational leadership and vision presuppose a relentless questioning of old assumptions, the assimilation of voluminous information and the acumen to separate the signal from the noise. 

The 11th annual Lex Mundi Summit gathered senior in-house counsel of multinational companies for a leadership workshop dedicated to exchanging and enhancing management practices for a VUCA world. During structured, interactive sessions, general counsel swapped insights, techniques and tools for assessing what lies over the horizon.

Specifically, general counsel discussed how VUCA conditions have led to a paradigm shift in how they carry out their responsibilities, whereby they are less guided by precedent and must think in new categories of risk. In response to this shift, four key techniques came to light, which innovative general counsel are using to build greater agility into their organizations:
• Monitoring latent risks such as political and regulatory developments;
• Looking beyond existing paradigms to consider scenarios that are “off the radar”; 
• Embedding fast-flow learning in the culture; and 
• Driving change through the organization, including at the board level.

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Attendance at this MBA Section meeting can be applied towards your Law Society of Manitoba's Continuing Professional Development requirement for a maximum of 1.5 hours. 

Michael Jason
Chair, MBA Corporate Counsel Section
Richardson International Limited
Ph: 204- 934-5249 


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