2018 CBA Immigration Law Conference: Materials 

Apr. 19, 2018 - Aug. 31, 2019
Ottawa Online


  • Adjudicating sexual orientation gender identity cases before the IRB | Author: Adrienne Smith
  • Understanding Client Stories | Author: Tess Acton


SESSION 2A   Academic Panel Theory into Practice Lightening Round 

  • Refugee Law's Fact-Finding Crisis - Flyer | Author: Hilary Evans Cameron
  • Academic Panel: Theory into Practice (includes Annotated List) | Authors: Dr. Amrita Hari, Dr. David Moffette & Hilary Evans Cameron


SESSION 2B   Labour Market Impact Assessments: Current Trends

  • Labour Market Impact Assessments Current Trends | Author: Sarah Fagan
  • TFWP and GTS | Authors: Katie Alexander, Chris Chevrier, Korey Mckinnon
  • Labour Market Impact Assessments: Current Trends, Scenarios for Discussion | Authors: Meera Thakrar & Sarah Fagan


SESSION 2C   Refugee Protection Division – Preparing Witnesses to Testify

  • Refugee Protection Division Preparing Witnesses to Testify | Authors: Jane Rukaria & Erin C. Roth
  • Witness Preparation - Practice Tips | Authors: Jane Rukaria & Erin C. Roth



  • Post-Kanthasamy H&C Case Law Review | Author: Alyssa Manning
  • H&C Applications | Authors: Rekha McNutt, Alyssa Manning & Helen Park


SESSION 3B   Visa Office Processing

  • Global Skills Strategy and Visa Processing | Author: Christy Jones
  • Fundamentals – Understanding IRCC Processing Times | Author: John Acheson


SESSION 3C   Criminal Inadmissibility

  • Criminal Equivalency Analysis Chart | Author: Arghavan Gerami
  • Changes to the Pardon Process in Canada | Author: Peter Edelmann
  • Retrospectivity and the Pardon Regime in Canada | Author: Peter Edelmann
  • Criminal Equivalency and Defences | Author: Arghavan Gerami
  • Criminal Equivalency and Application of Defences (paper) | Author: Arghavan Gerami
  • Operational Bulletin: PRG 2017 67
  • Tran v. Canada (disponible en français) | Authors: Nancy Weisman & Joel M. Rubinoff
  • Impacts of Tran on IRCC and CBSA | Author: Émilie Tremblay


SESSION 4A   Claims of Incompetence of Counsel 

  • Counsel Incompetence Real and Alleged (disponible en français) | Author: Paul Aterman
  • Dispelling Common Myths about your Insurance Coverage | Author: LAWPRO
  • Allegations of Incompetent Counsel before the Federal Court | Author: Alison Engel-Yan
  • Errors & Omissions | Author: LAWPRO
  • Malpractice Fact Sheet | Author: LAWPRO
  • Prompt claims reporting | Author: LAWPRO


SESSION 4B   CBSA / Port of Entry Issues

  • CBSA POE Issues | Author: Greg Modler


SESSION 4C   Immigration Appeal Division 

  • Cases Affecting the IAD | Author: Allison Grandish with input from Chantal Desloges & Joel Rubinoff
  • New FC And IAD Decisions You Should Know | Authors: Chantal Desloges & Joel Rubinoff
  • New FC and IAD Decisions You Should Know (paper) | Authors: Chantal Desloges & Joel Rubinof


SESSION 5A   Québec Immigration Programs

  • Quebec Immigration Programs | Authors: Nadine Landry, Lisa Middlemiss


SESSION 5B   Fundamentals

  • Fundamentals - GCMS and Case Status | Author: Greg Modler


SESSION 5C  Medical Inadmissibility

  • Medical Inadmissibility –Why Section 38 Should be Repealed | Author: Adrienne Smith
  • Excessive Demand Policy: Context for Changes (disponible en français) | Author: Michael MacKinnon
  • Scoresheet for Recommendations from the Report of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration | Author: David Chalk



  • Social Media & Marketing | Author: Tamara Mosher Kuczer
  • Optimize your Digital Strategy | Author: Natasha Mosher


SESSION 7A   Refugee Appeal Division

  • RAD Cases to Watch | Author: Laura Best
  • Refugee Appeal Division (disponible en français) | Author: Anshumala Juyal
  • Refugee Appel Division | Author: Stéphanie Valois


SESSION 7B   ESDC Compliance Practical Tips

  • Immigration Compliance | Author: Jasvinder K. Sandhu
  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program | Authors: Donna Blois & Judith Wilson


SESSION 7C   Ask and Answered!

  • LMIA Exempt Work Permits | Author: Isabelle Dongier 
  • Permanent Residence Applications | Author: Carter C. Hoppe
  • LMIA Application Tips | Author: Betsy Kane
  • Inadmissibility Cases | Author: Gordon Maynard 


SESSION 8A   Arrivals of Asylum Seekers from the United States

  • Protecting Refugees | Author: David Matas


SESSION 8B   Practice Tips for U.S. Travel

  • Current Issues US Immigration Law | Authors: Henry Chang & Blair Hodgman


SESSION 8C   Practice Tips for U.S. Travel

  • R205(a), C-10, Canadian Interests Significant Benefit | Author: Victoria Cowling
  • Owner-Operator LMIA | Author: Alicia Kim
  • Owner Operator LMIA (paper) | Author: Alicia Kim
  • Global Skills Work Permit Exemptions | Author: Jolene Otieno
  • Top Tips for ICT Start Ups | Author: Gabriela Ramo
  • AIPP Comparison Chart | Author: Janet Thompson-Price
  • MPNP Renewal | Authors: Kenneth Zaifman & Dean Szikinger


SESSION 9A   Citizenship – “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.”

  • Citizenship Revocation the Bill of Rights | Author: Warda Shazadi Meighen
  • Eavesdropping on Citizenship Chat | Author: Chris Veeman 
  • Citizenship Update (disponible en français) | Authors: James Simpson & Teny Dikranian
  • Citizenship Revocation & the Canadian Bill of Rights (paper) | Authors: Warda Shazadi Meighen & Steven Blakey


SESSION 9B   Express Entry

  • Express Entry | Authors: Nathan Po & Meghan Felt 
  • Express Entry: Reminders and Tech Tips (paper) | Author: Nathan Po


SESSION 9C   Courts and Motions

  • Immigration Motions in the Federal Court | Author: Justice Alan S. Diner
  • Motions and Applications Federal and Superior Court | Author: Susan Gans
  • Habeas Corpus Immigration Detention | Author: Justice Paul Rouleau
  • Procedural Options Available to Immigration Detainees | Author: Jared Will








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