Sep. 28, 2018
Fredericton NB

Wu Conference Centre, fredericton
Registration begins at 8 am


8:30 am                   Limitation Periods Under the Insurance Act

                                Brenda J. Lutz, Q.C., Canty Lutz Delaquis Grant, Saint John

                                Robert B. Jackson, Law Society of New Brunswick, Fredericton

                                Lucie Richard, Q.C., Law Society of New Brunswick, Fredericton         


9:00 am                   No Notice, No Claim: s.181 of the Local Governance Act

                                Matthew R. Letson, Lawson Creamer, Saint John   


9:05 am                   Insurance Coverage

                                Edwin G. Ehrhardt, Q.C., Bingham Law • Droit, Moncton


9:15 am                   Automobile Insurer’s Early Settlement Results in Added Liability

                                Andrew C. Moss, Foster & Company, Fredericton


9:25 am                   “Chinese Wall”/Firewall: When the Same Insurer Provides Section A and Section B     

                                Coverage It’s a Game of Strategy. How Should You Play Your Hand?

                                Justin Robichaud, Fidelis Law Droit Inc., Moncton   


9:35 am                   The Coverage Tightrope – Non-Waiver Agreements and Reservation of Rights Letters

                                Robert M. Creamer, Q.C., Lawson Creamer, Saint John 


9:45 am                   “Deny, Deny, Deny” – The Top 5 Exclusions/Breaches Under the Standard Automobile       


                                Bruce D. Grant, Canty Lutz Delaquis Grant, Saint John


10:05 am                 Health Break


10:20 am                 Releases, Confidentiality Agreements and Penalty Clauses

                                Niiti Simmonds, Cavalluzzo LLP, Toronto       


10:35 am                 Just Pick One Already: Which Section(s) of the Insurance Act Applies to Disability

                                Insurance Claims and Why Does it  Matter?

                                Ronald J. Savoy, Bingham Law, Moncton      


10:45 am                 Burning Issues in Fire Insurance Claims

                                Emmy M. Chiasson, Bingham Law, Moncton   


10:55 am                 Untangling the Contractual Liability Exclusions

                                Ryan Burgoyne, Cox & Palmer, Fredericton     


11:05 am                 It’s not Identity Theft, It’s Subrogation! When You Step Into the Insured’s Shoes to Pursue a


                                Lucie LaBoissonnière, McInnes Cooper, Moncton   


11:20 am                 Overview of Damages in LTD Insurance Litigation

                                David Brannen, Resolute Legal, Moncton

                                  Marie-Josée Ouellette, B. Sc., J.D., Fidelis Law Droit, Moncton


11:30 am                 Sorting Out the Tab for Section B Insurers When There are Multiple Accidents

                                Chantal A. Thibodeau, Q.C., Stewart McKelvey, Moncton


11:45 am                 Deductibility of Collateral Benefits from Long-Term Disability Benefits

                                Steven Rastin, Rastin & Associates, Barrie, Midland, Collingwood, Orilla and Owen Sound,



12:00 pm                 Lunch


1:00 pm                   The (In)Economies of Economic Loss

                                Nathalie L. Godbout, Q.C. & Catherine Fawcett, Godbout Fawcett, Saint John


1:30 pm                   Litigating off the Beaten Path (Exploring Public Nuisance)

                                Neil Searles, Zuber & Company LLP, Toronto


1:45 pm                   “But I Only Said it on Facebook…: Defamation in the Social Media Age

                                Matthew R. Letson, Lawson Creamer, Saint John


1:55 pm                   Bent Out of Shape: Why No One is Happy with Bent v McFarlane, 2018 NBCA 17

                                Katherine Donovan, Canty Lutz Delaquis Grant, Saint John


2:05 pm                   Specific, Unique Applications of Contributory Negligence

                                Jessica Melanson, Melanson Law, Fredericton


2:25 pm                   Multi-Party Settlements: Privilege and Procedure in Mary Carter and Pierringer Agreements

                                Sarah Dever Letson, Stewart McKelvey, Saint John


2:40 pm                   Coverage for Innocent Co-Insureds

                                Deirdre L. Wade, Q.C., Cox & Palmer, Saint John


2:55 pm                   Health Break


3:10 pm                   The Leafy Legal Debate Over Insurance Coverage for Medical Marijuana

                                Kelly T. VanBuskirk, Lawson Creamer, Saint John


3:25 pm                   Caution: Moguls Ahead@ -- Ski Resorts, Waivers, and Consumer Protection Legislation (A

                                 review of Schnarr v. Blue Mountain  Ski Resorts and Woodhouse v. Snow Valley Resorts)

                                Kevin C. Toner, E.J. Mockler, P C., Fredericton


3:35 pm                   The Bankrupt Client: Implications and Considerations

                                Steven L. Veniot, Gorman Nason, Saint John


3:45 pm                   The Application of the Material Contribution Test to Damages

                                Jason Caissie, Foster & Company, Fredericton


3:55 pm                   E.D.G. v. Hammer (time) – You Can’t Apportion These Indivisible Damages

                                Derek J. Vihvelin, Crocco Hunter, Woodstock


4:05 pm                   Overall Loss of Function – Damages When There are Tortious and Non-Tortious Injuries

                                and Diseases

                                Mathieu Picard, Fidelis Law Droit Inc., Moncton


4:20 pm                   Solicitor-Client Costs in LTD Cases

                                Timothy M. Hopkins, Brenton Kean, Saint John




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    Ginette Little
    PD Program Coordinator