Torts & Advocacy 

Sep. 27, 2019
Fredericton NB

Wu Conference Centre, Fredericton - Registration opens at 8 am


8:30 am                      Top 5 S.C.C. Cases in the Last Year (Plus a Couple More)

                                    Eugene Meehan, Q.C., Supreme Advocacy LLP, Ottawa   

8:45 am                      “Here be Dragons” – Some Principles of Canadian Maritime Law Including:

                                    M. Robert Jette, Q.C., Fredericton

9:00 am                      Statutory Appeals

                                    Jessica Melanson, Melanson Law, Fredericton

9:10 am                      Extra-Provincial Tort Claims – Where do you Commence the Proceedings?

                                    Lucie Richard, Q.C., Law Society of NB, Fredericton

9:25 am                      The Public Trustee as Litigation Administrator in Motor Vehicle Accidents Litigation

                                    Chantal M. Landry, Legal Aid – Public Trustee Services, Fredericton

9:35 am                      Recent Issues in Causation Law

                                    Nicholas Léger-Riopel, Université de Moncton, Moncton

9:50 am                      Top 5 Written Argument Pointers (Plus Another 5); Top 5 Oral Argument Pointers (Plus Another 5)

                                    Eugene Meehan, Q.C., Supreme Advocacy LLP, Ottawa

10:05 am                    Health Break

10:20 am                    Questioning a Physician on their Medical Chart (Tips for discovery and trial)

                                    John A. McKiggan, Q.C., McKiggan Hebert Lawyers, Halifax

10:40 am                    An Interfering Expropriation?...What a Nuisance!

                                    Melanie C. Tompkins, City of Saint John, Saint John

10:55 am                    Long Term Disability Insurance Update

                                    Jade A. Spalding, Cox & Palmer, Fredericton

11:10 am                    Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen? The Appointment of Separate Counsel for the Insured (Cumis Counsel)

                                    Catherine A. Blomquist, McInnes Cooper, Moncton

11:25 am                    None of Your Business? Exposing the Basics of Privacy Tort Claims

                                    Professor Hilary A. N. Young, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton

11:40 am                    “Teach Your Children Well” – Claims Against Parents and Those In Loca Parentis Under The Duty to                                                 Supervise and Instruct

                                    Bruce Grant, Canty Lutz Delaquis Grant Law, Saint John

12:00 pm                    Lunch

1:00 pm                      Recent Developments in Regulatory & Crown Immunity in NB

                                    David G. O’Brien, Q.C., Cox & Palmer, Saint John

1:15 pm                      Decisions, Decisions, Decisions – A Review of Recent Case Law

                                    Emma Neynens, Forté Law Droit, Moncton

1:30 pm                      Crash! Boom! Bang! Is that the Sound of Your Homeowner Policy Kicking In?

                                    Katherine Donovan, Canty Lutz Delaquis Grant, Saint John

1:40 pm                      Helicopter Judging

                                    Kenneth McCullogh, Q.C., Stewart McKelvey, Saint John

1:55 pm                      The Interplay of Family Law and Personal Injury

                                    Tracey Peters, Droit Veritas Law, Dieppe

2:10 pm                      Is There a Free-Standing Tort of Harassment?

                                    J. Danie Roy, Danie Roy Avocats Lawyers, Moncton

2:20 pm                      Reasonableness is Next to Godliness; Aviva v. L’Évèque Catholique Romain de Bathurst 2018 NBCA 64

                                    Kevin C. Toner, E.J. Mockler, Professional Corporation, Fredericton

2:35 pm                      The Best Defence is a Perfect Offence – The Procedural Requirements for Terminating an Insurance Policy

                                    Katherine Toner, Stewart McKelvey, Fredericton

2:50 pm                      Health Break

3:05 pm                      “When is it Any of Your Business??” – Redacting Medical Records in a Personal Injury Case

                                    Catherine A. Fawcett, Godbout Fawcett, Saint John

                                    Christopher M. Correia, Q.C., Correia & Collins, Saint John

3:25 pm                      Are We in Agreement? Minutes of Settlement: Protecting your Fees and Lowering Taxes

                                    Mathieu N. Picard, Fidelis Law Droit, Moncton

3:35 pm                      What is “Regular Employment?”  Recent Considerations of the Application of the Threshold From the                                                Employment Perspective

                                    Toby Bristow, Cantini Law Group, Moncton

3:50 pm                      The Outsiders: Exclusions Under the Workers’ Compensation Act

                                    Matthew R. Letson, Lawson Creamer, Saint John

4:05 pm                      Exploring the Art and Social Science of Impeaching Witnesses

                                    Kelly T. VanBuskirk, Q.C., Lawson Creamer, Saint John

4:35 pm                      End of conference


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    Ginette Little
    PD Program Coordinator