ATLANTIC ROUNDTABLE: Hot Topics & Insights Roundtable for Covid-19 & Beyond 

Oct. 28, 2021
Fredericton Online

VIRTUAL MEETING via Zoom · FREE (Registration is required)

Grab your lunch and join us for our second Atlantic Roundtable Discussion.

In our second Atlantic Roundtable, we will discuss the growing need for changes in privacy law and the impact such changes would have on Canadian businesses. We will also dive into the debate of how Artificial Intelligence can affect the justice system and the practice of law. The session will be an open forum and attendees will be encouraged to participate. Alternatively, we invite members who wish to attend but prefer to submit questions to us in advance to do so by October 22, 2021. Please email your questions to

Our Guest Speaker:

Dr. Teresa Scassa is Professor and Canada Research Chair in Information Law and Policy at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law. She has written extensively in the areas of intellectual property law, law and technology, and privacy.

Join the conversation as we discuss the following themes within the main topics of changes in privacy law and the impact of AI on our legal profession.

1. Quebec adopted legislation updating its framework on personal data protection. Bill 64, this week. The Commission on Access to Information said "An Act to modernize legislative provisions as regards the protection of personal information,” adapts “to the challenges of the digital age."  The legislation clarifies consent requirements for collection, use, or release of personal information, establishes an individual’s right to access personal information, raises the number of potential fines for violations, and more. How will business clients in Quebec be affected and what does it mean for the rest of the provinces?

2. How privacy law changes and the impact of AI are being addressed in Ontario/Quebec/ BC markets vs. Atlantic markets?

3. AI is pushing for a call in updating existing laws. What will the process of updating the laws look like?

4. How can rural areas have accessibility to the modernization of the court systems?

5. How can young sole practitioners stay competitive with larger firms that are implementing AI legal tools? and

6. What measures can be taken to minimize any negative impacts ( ie. biases/systemic racism) of AI implementation in our justice system?

Special thanks to all the Atlantic CBA branches and regional executives for participating and assisting in making this event possible.


To reserve your spot please contact Denise Fiset at or by telephone at 452-7818.


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    Ginette Arseneault
    PD Program Coordinator