Sex and Autism: The Criminalization of Autism Spectrum Disorder 

Jun. 8, 2023

12 pm – 1:30 pm (ATL) • Webcast (zoom) • FREE (Registration is required)

*** Please note that this session WILL NOT be recorded. ***

Members of the Law Society of New Brunswick may consider this program for 1.5 Continuing Professional Development hours.

The complex world of sex and appropriate sexual behaviour can be extremely challenging for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and, without guidance, many find themselves in vulnerable situations. This presentation examines how the ASD profile typically affects sexuality and how sexual development differs between the general population and those with ASD. It explains the legalities of sexual behaviour, how laws differ from country to country, and the possibility for adjustment of existing laws as they are applied to the ASD population. With advice on how to help people with ASD gain a better understanding of sexuality and a comprehensive list of resources, this conference highlights the need for a more informed societal approach to the psychosexual development of people with ASD.



Isabelle Hénault, Ph.D. is a psychologist and sexologist. She is the Director of the Autism & Asperger's clinic at Montreal, Canada, and an author specializing in the diagnosis, education, and support of children, adolescents, adults, and couples living with autism.


Mark Mahoney, Esq. is an internationally recognized criminal defense attorney representing individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder accused of crimes in state and federal courts throughout the US, consultant, lecturer, and author of works including the groundbreaking monograph, “Asperger’s Syndrome and Criminal Law: The Special Case of Child Pornography.”



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