Key Issues to Consider When Finding and Retaining Experts, Part I 

Dec. 6, 2018

This webcast will be held from 12:00 pm until 1:30 pm (ATL)


Ryan Burgoyne, Cox & Palmer, Fredericton

Jack M. Blackier, FCA, DIFA, LL.M., Cox & Palmer, Saint John

This two (2) part series will identify and address several key issues when considering (i) whether to retain an expert witness and (ii) which expert witness might best address your litigation needs.

The decision as to whether to retain an expert, when to do so, and which particular expert(s) to retain may be crucial to the outcome of a litigation. 

There are a host of issues to consider relative to experts. The failure to plan, or the failure to plan in an effective and timely manner, relative to experts may likely result in a litigation outcome that is less than positive for one’s client.

Part 1 of this series will focus on several strategic considerations, including:

          •   Loss Definition…..The nature and manner of Loss Definition Matters!
          •   The Expert as Litigation Consultant v. Testifying Witness v. Both roles
          •   The Expert’s Mandate…what is the Expert expected to do
          •   The need for an Engagement Letter
          •    Pre-retention Discussions with the Expert


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    Ginette Little
    PD Program Coordinator