Effective Advocacy Before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (YLD) (Archived Video Stream) 

May 4, 2012
Toronto Online


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Program Chairs:            Kate Dearden, Watershed LLP - Oakville
                                           Inna Koldorf, Crawford Chondon & Partners LLP - Brampton

9:00 am

Introductory Remarks

9:05 am

Client Considerations

  • Analyzing your client’s case
  • Obtaining facts and documents
    • Preserving client property and adequately maintaining files
  • Effectively interviewing your client
  • Drafting effective retainer agreements

Meryl Zisman Gary, Bakerlaw

9:35 am


  • Style, structure and form of pleadings
  • Content – what to include in your application or response
  • Using pleadings strategically
  • Mandatory Tribunal forms
  • Request to Dismiss: When and how to ask for it in applications
  • When and how to attach documents
  • Using case law

Lior Samfiru, Samfiru Tumarkin LLP

10:05 am

Tribunal Procedure, Case Management, Mediation & Settlement

  • Role of the Registrar and Case Processing Officers
  • Navigating procedure and case management at the Tribunal
  • Mediation and settlement at the Tribunal
  • Disclosure and Hearings
  • Practicing with civility
  • Courteous and respectful conduct

Richard Hennessy, Registrar, Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

10:45 am


11:00 am

Interim Orders

  • How to file a request for an interim order
  • Types of Interim Orders:
    • Removing personal respondents as parties
    • Deferring an application pending conclusion of another proceeding
    • Early dismissal for lack of jurisdiction, delay (timeliness), signed release, and “another proceeding”.
  • When to ask for dismissal under section 45.1 of the Code
  • Summary hearings
  • Deciding when an interim order is “worth it”

James Heeney, Robinson Heeney LLP
Kelsey Orth, Crawford Chondon & Partners LLP - Brampton

12:00 pm

Preparing for the Hearing

  • Exchanging and using documents or other evidence
  • Will-Say Statements
  • Using Tribunal case law at the hearing
  • Examining witnesses
  • Presenting your arguments

Katherine Ford, Sherrard Kuzz LLP
Kate Sellar, Human Rights Legal Support Centre

12:40 pm

Q & A with the Pros: Dealing With Difficult Situations

  • Dealing effectively with self-represented parties and difficult representatives
  • Dealing with your client’s inconsistent statements
  • Client considerations for individuals with special circumstances (disability, language, etc.)


1:00 pm

Closing Remarks & Program Concludes


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