Family Law Fundamentals: Using the Family Law Rules to Your Advantage (YLD)(Archived Video Stream) 

Oct. 11, 2012
Toronto Online


This is the archived version of a program presented on Oct. 11, 2012.  This will not become available until 2 weeks after the orginal program date.  To order this format please click on the "REGISTER NOW" button.   

A comprehensive archived video about the Family Rules for new to intermediate family lawyers, non-family lawyers who require a refresher and students interested in pursuing a career in family law. This archived video will discuss several key Rules and how to use them to your advantage at crucial steps in family law litigation.

Program Chairs:

Adam Black, Torkin Manes LLP
Lindsay van Roosendaal, Torkin Manes LLP


Financial Statements and Disclosure Issues

  • Disclosing your client’s income to his/her advantage
  • Tips to complete the budget on behalf of payers v. payees
  • What constitutes property? Listing values, debts and notional dispositional
  • Costs
  • The rules and realities of excluded property
  • Assessing your opponent’s Form 13
  • The inadequate or incorrect financial statement – Ethical obligations and how to deal with a client unwilling to disclose
  • Dealing with unreported income – reconciling a lawyer’s obligation to the client and to the Court
  • Disclosure: When is enough enough?

Brian Burke, Epstein Cole LLP
Sara Mintz, Torkin Manes LLP


The Application and Answer – Setting the Stage to Tell the Story

  • Drafting the pleadings to effectively convey the issues
  • Dealing with jurisdictional issues
  • Affidavit in support of a claim for custody or access – Form 35.1
  • When, why and how to amend pleadings
  • The useful v. useless reply
  • Overcoming the “respondent” disadvantage
  • Naming and adding parties

Harold Niman, Niman Zemans Gelgoot LLP


Navigating the Rules at Court Conferences

  • Case conferences, settlement conferences and pre-trial conferences: tips and techniques
  • Obtaining court orders at a conference – procedural v. substantive orders

Navigating the Rules at Motions

  • When will the court accept that your emergency motion is actually an emergency?
  • Popular motions that are destined to succeed/fail
  • Motions to vary interim orders – tricks of the trade
  • 14B Motions – when and how to use them

Lorna Yates, Ballantyne Yates LLP


Offers to Settle

  • The strategic use of offers to achieve the client’s goals
  • Timing offers to settle
  • Strategy for including an expiration clause in your offer to settle


  • Increasing the likelihood of obtaining costs
  • Partial v. substantial indemnity – how to maximize the costs order
  • Preventing the costs order against your client

Bryan Smith, Bastedo Stewart Smith


Enforcing Orders

  • Enforcement techniques for monetary payments
  • The mystery of the Family Responsibility Office
  • The challenges of enforcing custody/access orders
  • The elusive motion for contempt

Georgina Carson, MacDonald & Partners LLP


Using the Family Law Rules and Rules of Professional Conduct as Tools for Advocacy

  • Practising with civility – weaving together the Family Law Rules and the Rules of Professional Conduct
  • Treating the Court with courtesy and respect
  • Communicating with witnesses giving evidence
  • Dealing with self-represented parties
  • Getting off the record

The Honourable Madam Justice Susanne Goodman, Superior Court of Justice
Stephen Grant, Grant & Sadvari
Fareen Jamal, Bales Beall LLP



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