Your First Client (YLD) (Archived Video Stream) 

Nov. 1, 2012
Toronto Online


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You have landed your first client. Now what? Fundamental to almost every lawyer’s practice is the ability to effectively manage the lawyer/client relationship through its various stages. Failure to do so can lead to client dissatisfaction and exposure to professional negligence claims. This archived video will teach you the basics on how to manage your relationship with your first client. Plus, tips and tricks from experienced members of the bar on how to do so with panache, so your clients become return clients and valuable sources of referrals.

Program Chairs:

Bonnie Huen, Isaacs & Co.
Alan Melamud, Podrebarac Barristers Professional Corporation


Conducting Your First Client Meeting  

  • Determining who is your client (satisfying your Rule 7.1 duties)
  • How to conduct an effective first client interview
  • Addressing the hard questions:
    • So, how good are you?
    • What are my chances/Do I have a case?
    • What is this going to cost?

Kathryn Podrebarac, Podrebarac Barristers Professional Corporation
Susannah Roth, O’Sullivan Estate Lawyers


Discussing Billing: Making Sure You Get Paid

  • Different methods of billing (by the hour, by the task, contingency, etc.)
  • Discussing and defending your rate with your client
  • Addressing demands for estimates
  • What to do when your client complains about a bill
  • When to ask for a money retainer, and how much

James Howie, Howie, Sacks and Henry LLP
Duane Milot, Milot Law


Managing the Ongoing Client Relationship

  • How to set expectations and protect yourself from difficult clients
    When should you use a written retainer?
    • What should it include?
    • Do you need a joint retainer?
  • When and how often should you communicate with your client?
  • How to communicate advice and get the client to listen
  • How to communicate setbacks and bad news

Sangeetha Punniyamoorthy, Dimock Stratton LLP
Jeffrey Radnoff, Radnoff Law Offices


Broaching Settlement

  • Satisfying your obligations to promote settlement
  • Explaining settlement to your client without appearing weak
  • Setting your client’s expectations for what can be achieved
  • Figuring out the right number and terms to settle on

James Bunting, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP
Loreta Zubas, Zubas & Associates


Breakdown in the Client Relationship

  • Getting off the record – ethical and professional considerations
  • How to collect outstanding fees and disbursements
  • LawPRO – When do you have to put them on notice?
  • How to address allegations that you screwed up

Caterina Galati, The Law Society of Upper Canada


Panel Discussion

  • War stories of communication failures and client difficulties
  • Differing considerations for different practice areas
  • Top ten tips for young lawyers dealing with their first client

Efua Cobbina, Baker & Baker Family Lawyers
Simona Jellinek, Jellinek Law Office
Mark Veneziano, Lenczner Slaght Royce Smith Griffin LLP




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