International Law: Working the World: Leveraging Canada's Trade Commissioner Service to Make the Right Global Connections (Archived Video Stream) 

Oct. 25, 2012
Toronto Online

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In international business law there is no room for trial-and-error; the issues are complex and mistakes are costly. Lawyers need to utilize every resource at their disposal. That includes knowledge from experts from outside the legal profession. Unbeknownst to many lawyers, Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) has these experts readily available. They are found within DFAIT’s Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) – a worldwide network of over 900 trained professionals located in Canada and in more than 150 cities worldwide. The TCS assist Canadian companies who wish to export, invest abroad and develop worldwide innovation and R&D partnerships.

Trade Commissioners are part of Canada’s diplomatic corps and federal civil service. They support Canadian businesses and exporters overseas, who in turn promote growth and create jobs here at home. They can help lawyers connect their clients with international financing, international business and commercialization opportunities, and with foreign professionals (including foreign lawyers). Join us for a panel discussion with two Trade Commissioners from DFAIT’s Ontario Regional Office, who are focused on helping Ontario exporters flourish. They will discuss the following topics:

• The four core services offered by the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS):
   o Preparing Canadian businesses to compete in international markets
   o Assessing the potential of foreign markets
   o Finding qualified contacts
   o Problem solving
• How a lawyer can effectively leverage DFAIT's extensive international network
• Funding programs available through the TCS and its partner network in Ontario

Program Chair: Warren Ragoonanan, Gardiner Miller Arnold LLP


Bill Macheras, Trade Commissioner, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Pratima Rao, Trade Commissioner, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade



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