Environmental Law: What's in the Water? Navigating the Maze of Waste Water Approvals (Archived Video Stream) 

Apr. 2, 2013
Toronto Online

This is the archived version of a program presented on April 2, 2013. 

Wastewater is liquid waste (including liquids containing waste solids) that is discharged from domestic residences, commercial properties, institutional facilities and industrial processes. It includes, for example, toilet water, grey water, storm water, and liquid wastes from the pulp and paper, chemical, metal plating and food processing industries and others. The approval of “sewage systems” is regulated by the Ontario Water Resources Act, s. 53. Other regulating statutes may include the Environmental Assessment Act, the Clean Water Act, the Nutrient Management Act, the Environmental Protection Act and the Environmental Bill of Rights, 1993. Also, don’t forget about municipal requirements in sewer use by-laws and municipal discharge agreements. The MOE has published sewage systems guidance documents including: (1) Introductory Guide to Applying for an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA), (2) Guide for Applying for Approval of Municipal and Private Water and Sewage Works, (3) MOE Design Guidelines for Sewage Works, (4) Stormwater Management Planning and Design Manual, and (5) Compatibility between Sewage Treatment and Sensitive Land Use. Sewage works range from being simple as in the case of managing rooftop rain run-off to being complex as in the treatment of industrial waste water. The design and permitting of sewage works may involve site selection (including separation distances), operation and maintenance, flood protection, security, energy conservation, reliability and redundancy, system and sewer capacity, storm water management, emission to air (including odour control), sampling and monitoring flows and discharges, and health and safety. Our speakers will provide both a legal and technical primer on sewage works and wastewater discharges to help you navigate this murky area of environmental law.

Ian Richler, Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP

Legal Speaker:
Juli Abouchar, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP

Technical Speaker:
Stephen G. Nutt, M.Eng., P.Eng., Senior Consultant, XCG Consultants Ltd.


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