Entertainment, Media & Communications: Who Owns That? Copyright Terminations and Reversions in the United States and Canada (Archived Video Stream) 

Mar. 26, 2013
Toronto Online

This is the archived version of a program presented on March 26, 2013. 

Section 14 of the Copyright Act (Canada)?

Court battles waged by the heirs of the co-creators of Superman and the co-writer of “Y.M.C.A” (Victor Willis, the “cop”, in case you were wondering) are just two examples of efforts by artists in the United States to reclaim their copyrights using statutory termination rights. Copyright laws in the United States and Canada recognize certain “inalienable” rights on the part of authors to terminate grants of copyright (in the United States) or to have grants of copyright revert to an author’s estate (in both the United States and Canada). In the United States, significant litigation looms on the horizon as artists attempt to terminate grants of copyright to record companies and movie studios. In Canada, many people, even entertainment lawyers, are unaware that a “reversionary” right even exists. This session will offer a comprehensive overview of US and Canadian legislation and caselaw regarding copyright termination and reversionary rights, providing attendees with the tools to identify and respond to potential termination/reversion issues for their clients – be they creators or owners of copyrights.

Jordan Nahmias, Media, Intellectual Property & Corporate Law

Angelika Heim, Stohn Hay Cafazzo Dembroski Richmond LLP

Adam Davids,
Adam Davids & Associates, PLLC
Bob Tarantino,
Heenan Blaikie LLP

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