Mastering Masters' Motions (Archived Video Stream) 

Mar. 8, 2019
Toronto Online

OBA Civil Litigation PROGRAM | Original Program Date: March 8, 2019

Given the high cost of litigation, Masters’ motions are even more crucial and integral to your practice than ever. Whether you are a seasoned lawyer or a second year associate, your success on a Masters’ motion depends on how familiar you are with up to date practical and legal strategies. Join us for this valuable roundtable discussion with the Bench and bar to understand how to best position your motion for success.

From inception of your motion to costs submissions, our experienced panelists will discuss the critical steps of a Masters’ motion, highlighting best practices, key tips and tricks for success. Ensure that your record is well-crafted to assist the court and your client. Learn from the Masters on what you should and shouldn’t do as you bring these motions and gain feedback from Masters on expectations from the Bench.

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Andrea Sanche, Ricketts Harris LLP
Justin Nasseri, Goddard Nasseri LLP


To view the full program agenda, please click here.


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