Mandatory Continuing Professional Development: Current Status

Lawyers in Alberta are required to develop a continuing professional development (CPD) plan, and declare to the Law Society that they have done so. This CPD plan must be kept for five years, and be produced to the Law Society of Alberta on request. For more information, visit the Law Society of Alberta website.


In Person (15)

Live Online (84)

Recorded Online / Videos (6433)

Bundled PD Sessions (18)

Title Subject Area Date Location
Commercial Property & Leasing | North Real Property Jun. 5, 2023 AB, Edmonton
Creditor & Debtor Law | North Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law Jun. 7, 2023 AB, Edmonton
Family Law Section-North Year-End Social Family Law Jun. 8, 2023 AB, Edmonton
Insurance Law | South Insurance Law Jun. 9, 2023 AB, Calgary
Young Lawyers | South Young Lawyers Jun. 9, 2023 AB, Calgary
Young Lawyers | North Young Lawyers Jun. 12, 2023 AB, Edmonton
Civil Litigation | North Civil Litigation Jun. 13, 2023 AB, Edmonton
Child & Youth Law | South Child and Youth Law Jun. 15, 2023 AB, Calgary
Personal Injury Law & Health Law | South Health Law, Negligence Law Jun. 15, 2023 AB, Calgary
Small, Solo & General Practice | South General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Jun. 16, 2023 AB, Calgary
Environmental Law | South Environmental, Energy and Resources Law Jun. 20, 2023 AB, Calgary
Family Law | South Family Law Jun. 20, 2023 AB, Calgary
Immigration Law | North Citizenship and Immigration Law Jun. 21, 2023 AB, Edmonton
Municipal Law | North Municipal Law Jun. 21, 2023 AB, Edmonton
Privacy & Access Law | North Privacy and Access Law Jun. 22, 2023 AB, Edmonton

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