CBA Tax Law for Lawyers Online Recordings  

Jun. 1, 2021 - Mar. 31, 2022

CBA Tax Law for Lawyers Online Recordings

CBA Tax Law for Lawyers Online Recordings

Presented by the Taxation Law Section

Co-Chairs: Brian R. Carr, Thorsteinssons LLP | Ed Kroft, Q.C., Bennett Jones LLP

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Tax Law for Lawyers has been designed by senior tax law specialists to provide a basic grounding to beginning income tax specialists and to general practitioners who have an interest in the most fundamental issues that income tax practitioners face on a day-to-day basis. It is broken down into the following six parts:

1. Reorganizations

  • Rollovers – Section 85
  • Share Exchanges (Section 51, 85.1, 86 and 86.1) 
  • Amalgamations and Wind-Ups
  • Corporate Distributions
  • Divisive Reorganizations


2. Individual and Owner/Manager Taxation

  • Life, Death and Taxes: Planning Strategies for the Final Exit 
  • Small Business Planning
  • Stock Incentive Plans and Other Equity-Based Incentives 


3. Business Acquisitions and Financing

  • Choice of Business Vehicles
  • Partnerships
  • Financing Issues
  • Purchase and Sale of a Business/Asset Sales 
  • Purchase and Sale of a Business/Share Sales


4. Tax Disputes and Risk Management

  • Tax Dispute Resolution I: Assessments, Appeals and Enforcement 
  • Appellate Practice in the Supreme Court of Canada 
  • Tax Dispute Resolution II: The Conduct of Tax Litigation
  • Practice Dilemmas: Solicitor - Client Privilege / Dealing with Investigations and Voluntary Disclosures / Civil Penalties / Ethical Issues
  • Risk Management for Tax Advisors


5. Cross-Border and Offshore Tax Planning

  • Non-Resident Trusts and Offshore Investment Fund Properties 
  • Inbound Investment – Cross-border Issues
  • Outbound Investment – The Foreign Affiliate Rules
  • Taxpayer Migration


6. Bonus Content

  • Statutory Interpretation
  • The General Anti-Avoidance Rule
  • GST and PST Issues Affecting Corporate Reorganizations, Business Sales and Partnerships

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