Made-to-Measure Legal Services: The Power of Limited Scope Retainers (Recording) 

Mar. 29, 2017

CBA Better Client Service Series
Good for Clients, Good for Lawyers

Made-to-Measure Legal Services: The Power of Limited Scope Retainers
March 29, 2017

Webinar presented by the CBA National Access to Justice Committee

Unbundling of legal services involves breaking down the work typically involved in a full-service retainer into a menu of individual tasks, from which clients may pick and choose according to their interests, capabilities and needs. As unbundled legal services become increasingly popular across Canada, lawyers need to understand how limited scope retainers work in practice, as well as the associated ethical and professional responsibilities. This session will discuss unbundling, explore how to avoid liability and comply with regulatory requirements when providing unbundled services, and discuss how to communicate effectively with clients and manage their expectations during a limited scope retainer.

After this webinar, you will be able to:

•    Integrate unbundled legal services into your practice
•    Understand how limited scope retainers are treated by regulators and courts
•    Apply best practices for drafting retainer agreements and legal opinions
•    Implement strategies to ensure effective client communication throughout the process


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