Elder Law and Real Estate: Tips and Traps (Recording)  

Mar. 31, 2016

Presented by the CBA National Elder Law Section


Lawyers routinely advise elderly clients and substitute decision makers who want to effect a transfer, trust, or gift. Do you know how to protect your client as well as your practice?

Elder abuse frequently involves the improper transfer or encumbrance of an older adult's real property. As the Canadian population ages, your understanding of elder law issues – such as mental capacity and undue influence – will be increasingly critical to your practice.

This webinar will provide general practitioners, real estate lawyers, and elder law practitioners with an understanding of how these practice areas intersect. It will give you tips to use in your practice and remedies for when things go wrong.

Topics discussed will include:

  • Identifying your client and protecting your retainer
  • Decisional capacity: how to determine whether you client has the capacity to make a gift, transfer title, or appoint a substitute decision maker
  • Substitute decision makers: what they can and cannot do with an older adult's property
  • When to recommend trust agreements instead of joint tenancy or joint bank accounts
  • Common law remedies to inadvertent transfers of real or personal property 


Donna Gee, RN, BN, LL.B., North Calgary Legal Centre

Heather Hogan, Legal Counsel, Retirement Home Regulatory Authority 

Kevin Jaques, LL.B., Jaques Law Office 


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