Tax Matters Toolkit - A Practical Workshop on Separation & Divorce (Recording) 

Nov. 27, 2014

Separation and divorce are complicated enough; tax matters afterwards don’t need to be. 

We have a special toolkit that gives you solid, practical advice on how to advise your clients to arrange their post-separation lives and avoid unnecessary tax liabilities.  We even have one for you to give to your clients.

This workshop is a “nuts and bolts” problem-solving session.  Prior to the program, we’ll send you the toolkit along with some typical – and not-so-typical – tax problems to work on.  You can even submit your own question if there is something particular you need help with. Come prepared to work through the problem set with the authors of the Tax Matters Toolkit.  We’ll be covering important concepts and practical concerns like:

  • Proof of Separation – “living separate & apart under the same roof”, “couch surfing”, dealing with the CRA
  • Deducting Legal Fees – it matters whether you’re the payer or payee and what the legal fees include
  • Principal Residence Rules – avoid mistakes that can cost you
  • Spousal Support & Payments to Third Parties – reducing/increasing taxes withheld at source
  • Arrears & Lump sum payments
  • Qualifying Retroactive Lump Sum Payments (QRLSP)
  • Child Support and Child Tax Benefit
  • Child Disability Benefit
  • Deductions & Credits for Children – make sure your client’s not missing out

Proactive tools for you and your clients.

Andrew Freedman, Managing Director, Dispute Consulting Duff & Phelps Canada Limited (Toronto,ON)

E. Llana Nakonechny, Partner, Dickson MacGregor Appell LLP (Toronto, ON)

Cori L. McGuire, Barrister and Solicitor, Kelowna Law (Kelowna, BC)


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    Plus applicable taxes

    Plus applicable taxes


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