The Law of Lobbying: 2019 Update (Recording) 

Sep. 10, 2019

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The Law of Lobbying: 2019 Update

The breadth and complexity of laws that govern lobbying of public office holders continue to expand. Lobbying is now subject to federal legislation, legislation in all ten provinces and one territory, and the laws of an increasing number of municipalities. As the law of lobbying evolves and grows, lawyers must keep on top of new rules affecting them and their clients. This webinar will help lawyers identify new developments, spot trends and understand jurisdictional differences. This 2019 update will cover all recent legislative changes, as well as new developments in enforcement across the country.

Topics include:

  • New developments for 2019
  • Hospitals and universities: what counts as lobbying?
  • Trends in enforcement: how to anticipate and respond
  • Professional obligations of lawyers who lobby or get lobbied
  • What constitutes lobbying in different jurisdictions




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