LGBTQ2SI Community and Access to Justice 

Jun. 8, 2021


Presented by the CBA SOGIC Section and the CBA Equality SubCommittee

LGBTQ2SI Community and Access to Justice

Tuesday June 8, 2021 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm ET (Recording)

Join an expert panel of lawyers from the CBA SOGIC Section to explore what we can do as lawyers to make the Canadian legal system a more welcoming place for people from the LGBTQ2SI community.

 The panelists will provide their insight on obstacles and barriers within the Canadian legal system, how the practice of law is evolving in the pursuit of achieving inclusion and what remains to be done, as well as an overview of LGBTQ2SI vocabulary.


Paul Jonathan Saguil, TD Bank Group
Lisa M.G. Nevens (They/Them), Department of Justice Canada
Shakir Rahim, Kastner Lam LLP


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