Woman, Lawyer, Volunteer Board Member: Guide to Serving on a Non-Profit Board (Recording) 

Mar. 9, 2020


Presented by the CBA Women Lawyers Forum

Woman, Lawyer, Volunteer Board Member: Guide to Serving on a Non-Profit Board

To mark International Women’s Day, this 90-minute webinar focuses on the importance of gender diversity on boards and provides both senior and junior lawyers with an update on diversity disclosure practices of certain Canadian publicly-traded companies and recent regulatory developments, and key information and practical tools when volunteering for non-profit boards. Three experienced speakers share their strategies, considerations, and best practices for lawyers who are volunteer directors or who are seeking to join a board, followed by a question and answer period.

The panel will consider how to meaningfully improve diversity and thought leadership in an organization, common barriers to diverse policies, and what diversity looks like in Canada and beyond. Learn about essential skills for lawyers who wish to serve on boards and hear practical tips on how to find your next board appointment. Attendees will gain an understanding of the particular obligations of lawyers who serve as directors as the panelists explore how, where, and when to draw the line between being a volunteer director with legal experience and acting as a lawyer for a board. Finally, the panelists will give an overview of best practice in governance and the important differences between oversight and management that a lawyer should know before volunteering for a board and managing a CEO/ED. Participants will come away from this webinar equipped to join a board and the knowledge to advance diversity in practice. 







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