Secured Transactions in Domain Names & Websites (Recording) 

Oct. 23, 2018


Presented by the CBA Intellectual Property Law Section and Affaires-Comité bancaire et institutions finacières

Secured Transactions in Domain Names & Websites

In today’s business environment, intangible assets, such as websites and domain names, can be far more valuable than tangible assets. While websites and domain names can present significant commercial value, they also pose various legal challenges. This program will examine issues related to the attainment, perfection and enforcement of security interests in websites and domain names in the United States and Canada. The program will provide lender and borrower counsel with a roadmap with which to navigate through these challenges and extract the most value from this type of collateral. Issues to be examined include:

  • The legal nature of websites and domain names
  • Characterization of websites and domain names under secured transactions laws
  • The situs of a domain name and its impact on the creation and enforcement of security interests.




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