Joint Ownership: Legal Developments and Best Practices 

Oct. 11, 2018


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Joint Ownership: Legal Developments and Best Practices

Joint ownership is one of the most common ways for Canadians to hold title to their most valuable assets. At the same time, many joint owners don’t appreciate the potential risks associated with making an asset jointly-owned.  The administrative and tax benefits may be offset by such risks, and situations involving incapacity and undue influence can create a dynamic for the abuse of joint ownership.

Lawyers need to know when to use joint ownership to avoid probate, when it is best to have sole ownership, and the benefits, problems and alternatives to joint ownership.  

This webinar will offer best ethical practices when advising on joint ownership and documenting intentions.  You will learn about banking practices when clients change accounts to joint ownership, and new products that might address some of the problems when clients want assets to be joint.

Topics will include:

  • Joint ownership to avoid probate - its benefits and the potential issues
  • Clients with diminished capacity or unduly influenced and the misuse of joint ownership
  • Ethical best practices on advising clients and recording their intent
  • Banking practices and new products available in the joint ownership bank account





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