Litigating Social Change Through the Charter (Recording) 

Feb. 14, 2018

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Presented by the CBA National Constitutional and Human Rights Section

Litigating Social Change Through the Charter

The rights set out in the Charter are broad and always open to new interpretations. Since 1982, Canadian courts have extended these rights to areas such as collective bargaining, industrial action, access to healthcare, and privacy.

For lawyers and the vulnerable populations they serve, effective Charter litigation offers opportunities for societal transformation.

Our speakers are experienced constitutional litigators who will examine how Charter litigation has shaped Canada’s social fabric, and will offer advice on identifying, developing and presenting suitable cases.

This webinar will cover many topics, including:

  • The power and limits of the Charter as a tool for social change
  • The criteria and guidelines for the new Court Challenges Program
  • How to successfully identify a winning Charter argument
  • What preparation goes into a successful Charter case?
  • Lessons learned from lawyers who have mounted important Charter Challenges



       Julius Grey - link to biography           Robert Frater - link to organization           Cheryl Milne - link to biography



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