Civil Forfeiture: A New Concern for Insolvency Lawyers (Recording) 

Feb. 28, 2018

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Civil Forfeiture: A New Concern for Insolvency Lawyers

When you think you’ve wrapped your mind around your practice area, new developments inevitably throw a wrench into the works.

Crown forfeiture is a topic that may not always be front-of-mind for insolvency lawyers – but that may soon be about to change. Whether you represent the lender, the trustee, or creditors, you won’t want to miss this essential webinar.

Our speakers are insolvency lawyers who have encountered the complications that can arise when a provincial government invokes its civil forfeiture legislation during an insolvency proceeding. They will provide an overview of civil forfeiture throughout Canada, the ways in which it can complicate insolvency proceedings, and the tactics insolvency lawyers can employ to keep things on track.

This webinar will cover topics including:

  • Distinctions between provincial civil forfeiture regimes and how they interact with federal insolvency law
  • Inconsistencies between receivership and protective injunctive orders
  • Specific effects of civil forfeiture on lenders, creditors & receivers
  • Priorities in a civil forfeiture proceeding




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